Another 2 weeks on – progress report

Running was back on the agenda last week on Friday after a full 9 days break due to the pain/injury in my right ankle. So I have managed 5 sessions in total since the comeback from injury.

Friday/Monday/Wednesday/Friday, and oddly for me a bonus run today on Saturday. Times are gradually coming back up again, starting at 20 mins and today’s was 26 mins total running. Every session now is a 4-5 mins walk to warmup then a straight run, no more walking intervals. So I’m almost back up to 30 mins again which was my original target some 4 months ago 😀

The odd thing about adding an unexpected session today is how it actually came about. I looked out of the window around 9am today and it was pouring heavily with rain, and for some bizarre reason I thought “I bet it would be great to go out for a run in that rain!”. Yeah OK, I agree, that’s actually a bit odd. While it’s bad enough thinking it, it’s more than a little mad going out and actually doing it. So I did go out and do it. And it was bloody brilliant.

I managed a full 26 mins run in the pouring rain and felt totally epic at the end of it. Completely energised, I went through a great set of cool down stretches and then a arms/chest session on my weights to finish with (and plank and press-ups to actually finish with 😉 )

I’ve no idea why today’s run came about really, but I’m glad that I’m sat there thinking “ooh I’d like to go for a run” and then rather than just thinking about it, I’m actually going out and doing it. It’s also nice that on a Saturday which is normally a complete rest day fro me that I’ve gone over 4,000 steps on the Fitbit, whereas a normal Saturday doesn’t usually get much over 1,000.