The quest for 30 minutes…

by crashieuk

Into infinity! (run 30 mins) and beyond! (I will see if I want to do any more than 30 mins next time!)

Today’s run was scheduled to be 30 mins, which was a return to match the run I took on the last day of the C25K program last month. With a week of enforced rest due to injury, today was effectively week 11 day 3 of my running (not to any program any more) and I’m actually back where I was exactly 4 weeks ago.

So normal early work shift today so I was up at 06:30 and today straight into running mode. Checked some work stuff I’d done overnight (and forgot to send out an email I should have sent, saying it was all OK!), got dressed, ate a banana and scooted out of the door by 06:45. Plan would be to be back indoors shortly after 07:25 normally having walked 5 mins and run for 30 mins.

So, I was actually back in the door with the run completed at 07:32, having walked to the field across the road, continued until I’d walked 5 mins total, then run for 30 mins, checking in 500 step intervals on the Fitbit (again in 3mins or so intervals)and actually completed around 5,500 steps (about 9 lots of 500 step intervals in running after the intial walk took me up to 800 or so) and then done a really good cool-down set of stretches. Once back indoors I’d run through a set of arm weight exercises with dumbbells, necked an energy tab infused water (500ml), then sat down for 10 mins to sweat 😀

The run itself flew by, so I now know I have the 30 mins stamina nailed, as I got back to it in 6 runs. That was my choice, as having taken a week off I know I could possibly have gone straight back to running 30 mins but I wanted to ease back for fear of exacerbating any potential injury. So I went back in at 20 mins, then up gradually to 22, 24, 25, 27.5 and finally 30 mins. This all seems to have worked perfectly as this 30 mins was easily as good as the last run of C25K a month ago, and if anything, once I’d completed my cool-down I was probably less tired than I was back then. So my recovery has improved.

I think my next step on Monday morning (early) will be to go for 32.5 or 33 mins which will actually be the longest run I’ve done (probably in 30+ years). For now I’ll have a fairly relaxed weekend (that’s the plan!) but keep comfortably active (with kids around that will be easy!) and hopefully set myself up for a good night’s sleep on Sunday and potential PB in “elapsed running time in a single session” on Monday.

Breakfast (at work) was a well-deserved bacon sandwich. So it’s not all about celery since I gained a few hundred extra calories for today with the run, so why not treat myself! 😀