10% more…and no more than that :)

by crashieuk

So, I’m back to running now after the injury layoff, so yesterday (Wednesday) was the day set for session number 2. After completing Monday’s 20mins successfully, I’ve applied the 10% rule (where you should increase running time/distance by no more than 10%), and set out for a 22mins run.

Again I’m on an earlier start so I still make the decision to run before work. Yes, time is tighter but shortly after getting up most days now I’m raring to go, so there I am again out of the door before 7am.

Rather than even consider the distance I’m running now, it’s all about the time. 22mins is a kind of odd total time as it only really breaks down into half cleanly, so what I’ve done is go for 7x3mins segments, remembering I’ve never got any problems with a final minute being tacked on. So I’ve set an app to verbally tell me (or berate me) every 3 mins) and keeping an eye on a total time I’m set for a 5mins warm-up walk and 22mins run.

So what was the verdict on this session? Actually it was a complete doddle, so I’m looking forwards to adding another 2mins tomorrow, then next I’ll go from 24 to 25, and so on. I’ve no pain whatsoever and felt very good throughout yesterday. I broke 7500 daily steps again which is back where I want to be now.

24mins is a much cleaner running total time for me, as it breaks down into 8×3, 6×4 etc. While I might miss the final minute I think 6x 4mins sections will make a nice change. Far easier than 2x12mins as well… even though it’s exactly the same. How strange is that?