Back in the groove… easy does it

by crashieuk

This morning was the first run in a week after I’d crocked my knee and ankle last Sunday/Monday. I effectively injured myself on the Sunday, and then ignored good and sensible advice, felt totally fine on the Monday (which was a complete false dawn), and then managed 5 mins before having to stop and give up the run completely due to knee and ankle pain.

So it was with something of a degree of trepidation that I eased myself out of the door this morning to run in the large field opposite my flat, having also decided that I’m back to running on grass for the foreseeable future. I’m blaming the shit state of the roads and kerbs for the injury so with less impact running I’ll feel more confident and be able to ease myself back into the routine I’d got used to of running 3 times a week.

Initially the plan was to do the run, and reward myself with the latest episode of Breaking Bad, all before heading off to work for a 10am start. My late shift was cancelled today so I was looking for an 8am start today, so there I was juggling things and out of the door before 7am, having given up all hope of the reward of television πŸ˜‰

The run itself was totally fine, and I consciously set myself to only run for 20 mins, which I consider to be quite good enough, having had a full week completely away from running. I’ll gradually ramp up the time again, remembering I’ve only ever done a maximum of 30 mins anyway, so it’ll be a slow build-up to get back to that level. I’ve dropped all of my targets now, and all this running is purely for me for a fitness thing, so I won’t be timing myself for pace or distance at all until I’m completely comfortable with what I’m doing.

I may do some treadmill or cross trainer work in the free gym at work and I think I’ll benefit from losing a fair few more pounds before I even think of road running again. In fact, I might have decided I don’t want to do road running at all. I’m certainly not interested at the moment in anything like the London marathon. All the stress of that on my knees – no thank you very much. I’ll see how things improve but I certainly haven’t got anything like that on my radar πŸ™‚

I arrived at work this morning feeling great, and I’ve done over 8,000 steps today which is back to my original level, so I’m back in the swing of things. No pain or discomfort whatsoever – result! I’m back, baby.