5mins and I’m crocked :( The dangers of too much too soon I guess.

by crashieuk

Today was the day I should have been targeting a 5k, so I’ve gone out prepared for a 40 mins session or thereabouts, but had to abandon it just 5 mins into the running as my right ankle hurts. So what have I done… OK let’s step back to yesterday.

It was a nice cool day and raining yesterday and I decided that I’d get my 5k in a day early as I was feeling good and it looked like good weather for running. I took myself down to the local park in the car, so I knew I then had the reward of not having to walk back up the hill when I’d finished. Despite the short distance, it’s an evil hill at the best of times, as either the last part of a run or even after the cool-down. While it’s not overly steep, it’s a steady and straight climb up and pains the legs almost every time I walk or run it.

Anyway, I digress. Down to the park I went around 1pm, all kitted out and I sat in the car and ate a banana, then set up the GPS running app on the iPhone with a decent music playlist. Ready to go and I’d already planned a route away from the park and back round to finish near where I started with a total of close to 5k… all I’d then need to do was carry on until the 5k was done. So a few mins over half an hour and there I am to be back at the car, a 5000m run done and the reward of a nice quick drive back to the flat. Tick off one box in the list of things I want to do.

Or so I thought… I made it through the first 1km fairly comfortably, then the app told me (I shall add in a quite sarky voice, which didn’t help), how piss-poor my pace was and that at the pace I was running, I would be lucky to clear the 5k in 40 mins. I’ll be honest – that’s not much better than a brisk walk (it’s under 5mph), so all my grand ideas and ambitions thinking I would complete my first measured 5k in 34/35mins or so? Complete garbage. So, being the idiot I am and a total slave to statistics, I picked up the pace thinking I’ll drag it back and made it just over another 1k when the narky bitch then informed my it wasn’t that much better. Bollocks to that then I thought; I’ll just run and do the circuit I’d planned to run and forget about the time completely.

I made it about another 200m I suppose when I then felt a nice click in my knee and I stumbled and twisted my ankle. So I stopped running – luckily I’ve not fallen over, but I’m just under half way round so I then know I have to walk/hobble a good 2.5k or more round the route, to get back to the car. So limping round I get into the park where I’d left the car, rip the phone off my arm and cancel and delete the session I’d programmed in, and eventually make it back to the car.

So there I am, painful ankle and knee, and the bonus addition of both shins painful as well, but I think I can put that down to 2.5k of limping as it was only really an ache and not anything more serious.

Completely devastated, got back home, iced it and rested for the remainder of the day and thought that’s it, a good week or so out with nothing. Or so I thought. I felt totally fine this morning and made it through the whole day with no pain whatsoever, so I thought I’d go out for a run earlier and just programmed in a 33mins run. 10% more than my previous maximum time run as I thought I was being sensible and “playing by the rules”, but 5 mins in and my right ankle is hurting me. Sense told me to stop the run, and since I’d only gone over to the large grassland area across the road, the walk back didn’t involve the “hill of doom”.

Thanks go out to a good friend for talking me down yesterday. I’m now taking the rest of the week off. It had been suggested to me that swimming would be a good recourse to exercise and not lose that aerobic improvement, but unfortunately since I actually despise swimming in all shapes and forms like you would not believe (and always have done), that’s not an option for me. I get no enjoyment whatsoever out of it, can’t make any distance and to be honest I could only swim if my life depended on it, and even then not very far.

So it might have to be the rowing machine in the gym at work until I feel like I can run again. Admittedly it’s only an ankle twist, but I’m not chancing it and putting myself out for weeks.

Very pIssed off…