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Month: August, 2013

C25K Week 6 Day 3 – done and dusted!

No warning siren; no bells or whistles. It’s not like this one sneaked up on me as I knew from previous days sessions that from now on it’s all about running and no more split runs with walks in between.

The usual 5 mins brisk walk as a warmup – this is the case before every session without fail. Then a 22 mins run, with the aim being to cover 2.25 miles so a tiny bit under a 10 mins/mile pace. Frankly I’m not checking distance as I’m just going for increasing the times so I’ve no idea how far I managed.

The 22 mins run, however – no problem at all. I have noticed as the running progresses though that I am spending more time analysing it as I run, which I think is probably an effort to distract myself from what I’m actually doing.

The music’s working well, but I’m noticing the rhythm of my running and doing my best to mix up my breathing a bit, otherwise I was finding that I was striking harder on my dominant foot (almost noticeably stamping down as opposed to my left) as I brought my breathing into time with my running stride pattern.

My dominant foot is my right, and I’m left-handed. Not sure if this means anything, but I’m sure it’s rarer to be left for both. Far more common to be right-footed anyway, as shown I guess by the struggle for England for years to find a decent left-sided midfielder ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’ve also managed to get rid of my heel-striking pattern of running, which obviously I was never aware I was doing until I started this program. This was evidenced by the aftermath of Week 2 Day 1 when I thought that both of my legs were actually going to fall off due to the pain in my knees. Almost crippled by the pain and virtually unable to walk 24 hours later, I’d made a point (as advised) of watching a few videos and then deliberately observing my own running pattern and style, and then making a conscious effort to change it, which has been totally successful. Now I don’t get any knee pain when running, just a burn in my calves which is fine. Thanks to my friend Gary for his invaluable advice here!

Recovery times are shorter as well, as I’m feeling great just a few minutes after the running is done and stretching out for my cooldown has completed. I’m now being very deliberate about stretching out as I’ve seen this is key to recovery and also a cold bath when I get back home to cool down the legs works wonders for me.

Also I’m being very strict with my days off. Moderate exercise, walking and anything aerobic is OK, just NO RUNNING. I’ve added a short 5 mins workout to my non-running day, consisting of sets of 30 secs of Mountain Climbs, Planks and Elbow to Knee crunches… just to hopefully trim down the gut. Anything is better than nothing, and the 5 mins builds up a sweat, gives me no issues whatsoever with my legs or knees and I feel later like I’ve done the exercise in my abdominals and obliques. I then know I’m not risking anything with the running, so it’s an additional welcome bit of exercise. Also still doing the weekly 20 mins abs “shred” workout minus any strenuous leg exercises which cuts it to about 16 or 17 mins. Again no risk to the running.

Now, on to C25K weekย 7. Bring it!


Week 6 Day 2 – Epic :D

I’ve split today’s blog into 2 parts. The first already published just a short while ago was about my approach to the today’s part of the program, which was the last session which had any walking left in it, and how I see my goals and targets as a view of the program and my progress so far.

This part deals with the actual session itself and the ensuing aftermath and reaction to it.

So today was the middle of week 6 – and it consisted of: 10 mins run / 3 mins walk / 10 mins run. So it’s not the 20 mins solid run, nor is it the sneaky 5/3/8/3/5 which almost caught me out on Monday. It’s a couple of what still feel like fairly substantial runs with a 3 mins recovery walk in the middle. So it’s 23 mins total but 20 mins of that running so it’s yet another progression in teaching your body how to run longer with shorter recovery times, as you move towards 30mins+ of non-stop running which is the goal for the end game of the program.

So after Monday’s shock when I flew off at the start and had to dramatically slow down, I was determined to and ย actually managed to pace myself correctly this time – as I stated on my Facebook status “I didn’t go off like a twat” ๐Ÿ™‚ The first ten minutes zipped by and about 7 mins into it I was conscious (and a little wary) that I wasn’t feeling the usual BURN! in my calves. There was a little niggle in the back of mind that maybe I was running too slowly, but gradually after that I began to feel the familiar sensation in my legs which tells me it’s all worthwhile.

So I’m thinking there’s definitely some progress here if I can run 7 mins and don’t feel like I’m struggling. So compared to how I was a few weeks ago, it’s bloody great to be honest – I’m staggered ๐Ÿ˜€

The 3 mins walk was a welcome break from the run to be honest, so I don’t see it as a bad thing, and it certainly did register with me that it was to be the last walking part (save for the warmups) in any of the remaining sessions. Every session from now on, if I don’t see fit to repeat this week (and so far so good!), will be running only. Fair enough – not a problem.

The 2nd 10 mins run didn’t fly by at such a rapid pace – the application I think would benefit from being able to schedule a few more vocal reminders rather than just “you are half way” and “one minute left”. Genuinely I think a “five minutes left” and “three minutes” left and even half way reminders on the longer running sessions would assist as I’m still not keen on not knowing how long I’ve got left to go. I know I have to get used to “running blind” if I’m ever going to get anywhere distance-wise, but I really am something of a statistics freak, so I really feel like I need as much information being fired at me as possible all the time ๐Ÿ™‚

The “one minute left” vocal alert was certainly welcome though,and for every session I’ve done the last minute has never proved to be a problem – it’s more the time leading up to it that starts to feel like a struggle, and there is certainly a very good boost from knowing there is only a minute to go. For me, also knowing the last minute wasn’t difficult because “it’s only a minute” meant that the 10 mins and thereby the whole session was completed.

I’m still enjoying music while I run, so I’m not at a stage yet where I can just run and appreciate my surroundings. I’ve now got a fairly substantial playlist of my preferred “running tracks” which I’ve now got used to running with in a random. There are times when certain tracks don’t hit my mood in the right way, so I’m not averse to canning any particular track on that day if it doesn’t feel right. I hadn’t mentioned it previously, but the last minute of the first 20 mins run last week was “Eye of the Tiger” and I think only the actual Rocky Theme could have done any better for timing and the feel-good factor I got from it ๐Ÿ˜€ What a boost!

Sitting on the grass and stretching out for my cooldown I can honestly say it was the best cooldown so far out of all the sessions. It was a nice warm evening again – I’ve actually been really lucky and I think the time of year I picked to start, and the weather we’ve had has certainly kept me motivated to progress with c25k. I can’t say it would have been the same if I started in October or November, but also we’ll have to see if I still feel motivated to run when the weather gets colder after I complete the program as well. So far I don’t see that I’ll be put off, but I’m sure I’ll be shopping for some better (read warmer) running gear ๐Ÿ˜‰

The stretches felt great and every one hit the spot so it was the perfect cooldown. I felt totally relaxed after and very content with the session I’d just done, knowing that it was a complete success. I know I’ll have bad days, but for now I’m just enjoying the ride.

In a nutshell, epic session. I’m now looking forward more and more each day to the next session, and recently I’ve actually had days when I feel a little disappointed that I’m not due to run on that day. It’s changed the way I plan my days now as it’s started to revolve around when I want to run, and I’ve been shifting other things around to accommodate it, and honestly that’s fine by me. Making sure I run is the key thing, as this whole fitness undertaking I’ve started is the key to losing weight andย improving my health. I can see and feel the results already and that’s awesome ๐Ÿ˜€

Today is also day one for me where I’ve been tracking my food (calorie) intake using the myfitnesspal app on my iPhone. It is genuinely interesting to see how my normal daily food and exercise is panning out with regards to getting proper nutrition and the right types of protein, carbs, sugar etc. For now all I’m worried about is burning more calories than I take in, as that’s the simple key to everything I want at the moment. But knowing me, I’ll get as obsessed with all the stats it offers as I am with the fitbit eventually. Heh. Whatever. I’ve attached the fitbit to the myfitnesspal app so all my exercise is getting logged.

Technology eh. Love it.

C25K Week 6 Day 2 approaches – it’s all progress

So it’s the middle of week 6 and the last session in the whole program that contains any walking and split running sessions. After today’s day in the program it’ll be the brisk warmup walk, then running all the way after that. So there’s another little piece of psychology planted in there somewhere I’m sure.

It’s definitely a very clever aspect to the schedule and it does seem a necessary way to improve your running, by gradually phasing out the breaks (as your recovery time) and the walks as you get more used to running and find that you don’t need so much recovery time. Obviously eventually as you can run a 5k you don’t need any. Then the next question is what’s your next running goal – stick to the 5k and get faster or “learn” to run further, and go for a 10k, then a half-marathon, full maraton, etc?

I’m really enjoying the structure of the whole program – it does seem like it’s ideally suited to how I want to learn to run properly.

My only standing goal at the moment is to be able to run 5k in one non-stop run, nomatter what the pace. Mastering that is the first step; and then I’ll look at times and try to bring them down. I think via a sneaky measurement of the distance covered (using the mapmyrun app) in one of the 20 mins running sessions last week I’m looking at about 34-35mins for a 5k in one hit if I can manage to run for that amount of time non-stop. I’ll be more than happy with that to be honest!

That’s the plan (goal/target/mission) for 3 weeks time as it stands, which is standing out at the moment as a bit of a milestone (or millstone) as well! ๐Ÿ˜€ There is a genuinely scary thought to me, just pinned there in the back of my mind, which is still saying “no you can’t run that far or for that long, and if you try it you will injure yourself in some way which will stop you doing any exercise for a month or more”.

Why that thought is popping into my head from time to time I don’t know – I remember back to Week 2 Day 1 when I thought I’d wrecked my knees and luckily I hadn’t. But the pain in my knees is still quite a vivid memory, so that nagging doubt will remain I think until I manage to nail and complete a 5k run.

I know there will be down days and bad times when it just “doesn’t work” but for now, I’m still enjoying the ride. Wheeeeeeeeeee!

Week 6 Day 1 – you sneaky little bugger, you!

Last week when I managed to run the full 20 mins on week 5 day 3 of the c25k program, I was actually a day ahead of where I was supposed to be in that week, having sneaked in the extra run on the Sunday and effectively started the week a day early.

Somewhat flushed with my success and achievement, and knowing that the start of the following week has some more walk/run/walk and ends with a full 22 mins non-stop run: on Friday last week, which was to have been the original first time for a 20 mins run, I decided to repeat it.

So rather than have what I would deem to be an easier ride I went for the full 20 mins run again assuming, that having done it just 48 hours earlier and been successful, that every step along the program was was an improvement, and that even if only the tiniest bit that I should find it easier.

Result – yep! BOOM! I ran the 20 mins with no issues again, and to such an extent that when it was over instead of going straight into my cooldown, I kept going (running that is) for another 2 mins, thus proving to myself that the 22 mins straight run to come at the end of the next week was also just another psychological barrier which was also going to turn out to be nothing to worry about. Case proved.

So on to week 6. An earlier session in the day today as it’s a bank holiday over here and I’m due out later this afternoon to attend a 50th birthday party, so I knew I wouldn’t be about for my training at my usual time.

You can see the change in me, pointed out right here. Any previous time when exercise was involved and I had something else planned, I would simply take the opportunity to say “oh well, no exercise today then” and bail out of it.

Not any more – now I’m actually looking forward to running as I’ve mentioned previously (yes I know I’ve gone completely insane!) so I simply took the chance to run earlier in the day.

So there I am just before midday. Quote a nice day today, so a fair bit warmer than my usual 7:30 or 8pm running time. Ahhhh… it’ll be fine. Today’s was just a 5/3/8/3/5 (run/walk/run/walk/run) so it was nothing like running 20 or 22 mins straight, so quite obviously it was going to be a doddle.

It would then appear that this is precisely what the c25k program wants you to think. With only 2 of the remaining 9 days training (before you could then supposedly run 5k non-stop) containing walking and the with this being one of the two, it seems you have been lulled into a false sense of security.

My confidence was way up from two straight long runs (for me) on the previous two sessions, so what do I do knowing I’m only running two 5 mins and one 8 mins stints? 5 mins? Piece of piss isn’t it. It was going to be far too easy considering what I’ve just done.

So, there I am 3 mins into the first 5 mins run, and I’m thinking “oops I think that I’ve set off a little too fast”. So I slow it down a little. It then becomes quite apparent that I have started too fast as even after slowing down, my calves are screaming at me, midway through the 3 mins walk, and then knowing there is an 8 mins run, 3 mins walk, then a final 5 mins run to come, I’m thinking that I’m not going to make it.

So after slowing the pace down a little more, my legs gradually come to terms with what I have to do. It’s probably a shitty pace, but to be honest I really don’t care. The aim here is simply to complete the session and not bail out of any of the runs by walking, or even worse stopping completely.

To my credit (I think/hope) I completed the session in its entirety and 15 mins or so later I felt completely fine again. It looks like the program certainly increases your powers of recovery by varying the walking times between the runs, before losing them altogether.

So I think what they’ve thrown in there today, is a little jolt for you back to earth to alleviate any over-confidence you might have felt after nailing a 20 mins straight run, and make you realise that you’re not superhuman (yet) and not quite ready to go out and nail a 5k run just yet which is why there are 3 more full weeks left in the program.

From my perspective it looks to be a very clever move as I’m now not going to take any of the sessions for granted and just think “oh it’s an easy one coming up” as today’s has made me realise that none of them are easy and there is a real sense of achievement to be gained from every single day of the program.

So while I’m currently not as hyped up as I was after the last 2 days, when I felt like I could just zoom off and run a 5k within 30 mins of completing the day’s session, I still feel great. I’m far better than I was 6 weeks ago, and to cap that having just weighed myself I’m the lightest I’ve been since I don’t know when.ย ย I’d picked up some electrolyte tablets which make drinking water while/after the training taste somewhat better and give you some extras like the salts you lose in sweat. Nothing wrong with water – it just gets boring after a while and having used these for the last week I think in all honesty I feel more recovered each time now after the training in a shorter period of time. Every little helps ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m now just edging on to 20kg lost since the day I stopped smoking 70 days ago – I’m feeling an immeasurable amount better than I did back then. In fact I’m quite shocked at how much better I feel, as I certainly didn’t think there was anything amiss and that I should be feeling any better than I was back then. I just assumed I felt OK most of the time.

All I knew back then is that I got out of breath after any exertion and I eventually realised that the two words “any exertion” was the problem (with a lot of emphasis on any). Now I know that I’ll be out of breath after a 30 mins c25k training session; that to me is much more acceptable than a 200m walk up the hill where I live.

W5D3 – the day after yesterday

So yesterday was the big scary run and today is my examination of the end result of that day in the program.

I managed to run the full 20mins non-stop which as far as my progress through the last 5-6 weeks shows to me, is quite something.

24 hours later and I feel completely fine. No issues with my knees which was always going to be my main cause for concern and in fact, no aches or pains whatsoever.

I feel as though I’m now geared up perfectly to complete the program. I’ve got myself a great comfortable pair of new running shoes, some great hydration electrolyte tabs, a fine set of dumbbells, exercise mat and an exercise DVD for my non-running days. Feeling good…

Safe to say I’ve thrown myself into this fitness lark with quite some enthusiasm. The fear of putting on weight after giving up smoking was my early motivation, but I was quite surprised I started the C25K after only 3 weeks.

If today wasn’t a designated rest day I think I might have even added another run. Yeah OK I’ve got the bug. Once I’m used to running longer and longer times, I’m sure I’m going to find it difficult to resist the temptation to run every day. I’ll have to get used to pacing myself and keeping a sensible schedule to avoid injury or over-exertion.

The summer head cold is all but gone and I think the exercise has certainly got rid of it quicker than I would have done otherwise.

So I’m fitter, healthier and bitten by the running bug. And that’s an illness I don’t mind catching ๐Ÿ™‚

C25K week 5 day 3 – what’s all the fuss about? ;)

Simply put, week 5 day 3 of the couch to 5k program seems to be the one which fills a lot of people with dread. After all the weeks of run/walk/run, etc. this one is a straight 20 mins run.

It’s the first of it’s kind and it’s neatly sandwiched between other days when you still have running broken up with walking. Then all of a sudden you are expected to be able to run 20 mins non-stop?

I know a lot of people give up at this point or get stuck here and can’t get past it.ย For me, this was today. It was the first time I’ve got this far (admittedly I’ve repeated W5 without getting to D3 as I was ill last week), but I’m also 1 training day ahead this week, as I added a sneaky session on Sunday as I was feeling better.

And…..? OK then, I’ve nailed it! I ran the full 20 mins non-stop… no walking in there at all. Admittedly the pace probably wasn’t great but I wasn’t even checking it, so I don’t care. It’s all about the time – putting in the effort I have for the past 6 weeks and arriving at a stage where I am able to run 20 mins straight.

I’ve totally shocked myself with my determination and willpower… previously that’s not something I even thought I had, but there it is in spades.

So the verdict on that training days’ position in the overall schedule: to be honest I think the barrier and fear of it is genuinely psychological – it really looks like it doesn’t belong at that place in the program. You’ve done nothing more than a straight 8mins run up until that point, but when you see that the end of the following week is a straight 22 mins run, it doesn’t start to look so out of place.

With 10 more training sessions remaining, only 2 of them actually allow for any walking breaks between runs. Since you are gearing up to run 5k non-stop it’s quite obvious that the walking has got to completely disappear at some point, so sneaking a long continuous run in at the end of the 5th week doesn’t then seem to be so evil or such a bad idea.

Sure it takes you by surprise (although of course everyone has looked ahead and knows it’s coming anyway!), but once you complete it you then feel like you have sort of graduated into “proper” realย running.

Would you have been able to run 20 mins non-stop 5 weeks ago? I know I wouldn’t. I’d be a wheezing & sweaty mess after 1-2 mins (and I was!).

My own take on the actual run itself is that it was genuinely hard work as it was over double what I’d run in a single hit in the program previously, and I would say it was the longest continuous run I’d done in more than 30 years (!) My calves felt it and were throbbing after 10 mins or so, but in a good way. Not actually painful at all, but just a genuine realisation and feeling that I was working them well.

The weirdest thing for me was the heat in my feet. Again no pain at all, just that my feet got REALLY hot. Within 5 mins of the run finishing, once I’d completed my cooldown, I felt completely fine in my legs and feet, and now 90 mins later I still have no problems at all.

I took an amazingly nice cool shower, rewarded myself with an ice lolly and all is right with the world.

So to anyone who has done the program up until now and is wary of W5D3 I simply say to you “Do it, you will manage it and you’ll feel so impressed with yourself once you complete it”. Try it, and surprise yourself, and then you can look back and wonder what you were ever scared of in the first place ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hey… I’m a runner. Yeah I genuinely think so and I do feel it now.

Back in the swing of things (c25k)

With Friday’s step back to w5d1 instead of w5d3 I soon realised by Saturday morning that my headcold was near enough in full effect, complete with sore throat and a nice cough to match.

I’d been determined to see this as a step back not a set-back so I dosed myself up with some vitamin c and cold remedy and had an easy day as I could. A nice large bowl of chilli and a movie night with a good friend kept my spirits up and I woke up on Sunday feeling much better than I had on Friday or Saturday. Onwards and upwards!

So Sunday afternoon (yesterday) I decided to sneak in an extra run session and knowing I was to repeat week 5 this week, I took a re-run at w5d1 (5 mins run, 3 mins walk, 5 mins run, 3 mins walk, 5 mins run) being determined if nothing else to work up one hell of a sweat and hopefully force the cold away. The premise there is that an extra session wouldn’t hurt, and I actually asked myself “I’m enjoying this so much I want to do an extra session – what the hell’s going on with me?”

Oh yeah – that worked perfectly! I sweated like a pig and felt awesome afterwards and had every intention of repeating w5d1 again today. However once this evening came I’d realised that I’d already actually completed w5d1 3 times already and each time I’d done it with no ill effects. It felt like doing it again would be a backwards move so I went for w5d2 which I’d actually struggled with last Wednesday.

Now w5d2 is something of a step up from w5d1; it’s 8mins run, 5 mins walk 8 mins run. So it’s the longest continuous running of the program so far (and just before the 20 mins continuous run shocker), jumping up from having done no more than a 5 mins solid jogging up until then.

I’d actually completed it last week, but it felt like the hardest session of any of the 5 weeks. I’ll definitely now put that down to the start of the head cold, as tonight I completely nailed it! ๐Ÿ˜€

I ran both sets of the the 8 mins with no ill effects and finished the session feeling awesome. I don’t think I could have run longer and certainly not the 20 mins, so my dilemma now is whether to repeat day 2 or jump into the dreaded w5d3 on Wednesday.

If I do the 20mins run, I’ll end up doing it twice this week as I’m certainly not starting week 6 until next Monday.

hmmm…. decisions decisions…I think I’m going to go for it. If I can’t manage to run the full 20 mins, that’ll be the one I keep repeating until I can.

I have tonight fairly easily completed 16 mins running in a 21 min period – so what I have to ask myself is could I have run the whole session with the reward of finishing 1 min earlier for doing so, as that’s what it boils down to.

Essentially it’s to replace the 5 mins walk I did tonight in the middle of the 2 runs with running, and cut the last 8 mins run down to 7 mins. I think if I can get the right playlist on the iPhone, I can nail it.

It might also be the first time I get the runtracker or mapmyrun app or something similar on at the same time, to see what actual distance I cover during the session, as I’m fairly sure it’s not a lot as I’m concentrating on time so far. So I think my speed’s a bit crap at the moment ๐Ÿ™‚

C25K – one step back but still moving forwards…

Today should have been Week 5 Day 3 of the c25k training program. I’ll be honest and say I actually stepped back to w5d1 today, but I promise you it’s not the fear of the 20mins straight run that stopped me. Honest.

I actually felt pretty crappy this morning – sore throat and what feels like the start of a head cold.

That tied together with the struggle I felt with w5d2 (which I DID complete successfully) when I finished it and felt way, way more out of breath than I had on any day’s running.

I’ll put that down to the start of the cold as I’d not actually felt bad on completing any other day of the program.

Baby steps, people. The whole point of the program is gradual increasing of the times spent running, and reduction and finally elimination of the recovery periods in between until finally you can run 35mins or so continuously.

Go back 2 months – I was smoking 30 a day and I’ll be perfectly honest and admit I’d have been completely unable to run 30 seconds non-stop (tested and sadly proved), let alone the 5 mins I can do now (3 times with 3 mins walking intervals between). That one I’ve owned having nailed it 2x this week already.

Where I did manage w5d2 which had continuous 8 min runs I did struggle with it, so yeah I’ll agree I was coming down with something. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’ve no fear of what I’ll do next – on Monday ill jump back to the start of week5, and if necessary ill repeat that same week5 until I’m happy with it.

Finishing today as I did, I actually felt better than when I started so I’m sure ill be fine for next week. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have managed a continuous 20min run today.

It’s better to have done a day of the program than nothing at all in my opinion. So the 3x 5min runs today are way better than skipping the day altogether.

I’m 18kg lighter than when I gave up smoking and I should remember that it was only 59 days ago. It’s going to take quite some time to undo 28 years of damage, as much as is actually possible to repair.

So even with today’s setback, in the grand scheme of my health improvement, it’s incredibly minor.

I can run! I will carry on running. I will run that 5K – that’s my only goal so far before I set new targets ๐Ÿ˜€

2 of my hobbies & interests

Watching the England v Scotland football match on TV tonight and seeing one of my footballing heroes (Rickie Lambert of Southampton FC) score the winning goal in a very entertaining 3-2 win makes me think of all the things that take up my time in a positive fashion.

Football – I love it. Premiership football mainly once more, now my beloved Saints are back in the top flight after a few years in the wilderness and coming close to going out of business.

But I do enjoy a FIFA World Cup. I think the last few times I’ve seen 55+ games in each. Once the tournament starts I’m addicted for the full month.

PC gaming. While I also own a PS3 and a Xbox 360, first-person shooters on the PC are what I enjoy. Over 1,000 hours on Counter Strike and over 1,000 hours on Team Fortress 2. Many more games have taken up a lot of my life too: Skyrim, Call Of Duty MW2, Borderlands 2, Battlefield BC2/3, Left 4 Dead 1/2.

I missed the early years of PC gaming – I briefly made forays into the likes of Doom, Wolfenstein, Quake and Half Life but back in those early years I wasn’t that interested in multiplayer gaming. That only really started with Unreal Tournament 2004 when someone I worked with said “it’d be fun”. Yeah it was and I never looked back.

Yet I’ve never played HALO or WOW. Those are a couple of the definitive games on the respective platforms (Xbox/PC) but I was never dragged in. I never even owned an original Xbox.

I consider myself lucky in a way with WOW, as I’m sure that it would have killed thousands more hours of my life.

So I’ve stuck to what I enjoy. I can’t get to grips with a FPS on a console, as I believe keyboard + mouse feels more “right” to me.

Retro gaming also holds a special interest for me. My discovery of MAME back in 1996 in the first few months of its evolution had me staggered when I could suddenly play the games of my early teenage years (and addiction) pixel perfect on my PC.

Finding Crush Roller and that there were other people who knew of its existence and loved it as much as I did, and also finding that at the age of nearly 30 (at the time) that I was still as good at it as I was in 1982.

World class, in fact.

Why blog?

Why did I suddenly decide just a week ago at the beginning of August 2013 to start writing a blog?

I guess I’ve a little more time to do so now I’ve managed to get myself sorted with diet, running,fitness and my spare time.

Go back 10 years or more and Blogging is something I even considered back then. I’ve always felt that I’ve had opinions I could share and actually have a writing style that I hope comes across as readable. I’m a fairly articulate individual and a bit of a grammar stickler.

I hate it when there gets mixed with their or they’re but I do manage to resist the urge to show a pedantic side by jumping in and pointing it out ๐Ÿ˜‰

There are those who get corrected by me, but generally only the people I know who won’t shout at me or punch me in the eye.

I woke up early on one Monday morning, hit a link on Facebook while enjoying my first coffee of the day, and while reading a news post about gaming on Kotaku, the thought just suddenly occurred to me that “I could do that”.

Nothing in the post itself leant me to start to blog and its not like it wasn’t well-written making me think “that’s shit – I could do so much better!” In fact if anything it was a very entertaining and enjoyable article.

Recent events in my life have probably also given me better things to write about, which are probably of more interest to people than the main things I did previously (smoke, eat crap food and lie on my sofa watching television).

So that’s why I’ve started, probably a lot later than I should have, and I hope that what I’ve written and will be writing in the future manages to entertain a few people and provokes some interesting discussions. ๐Ÿ™‚